Botox Bruising: How To Treat & 3 Important Tips To Prevent

March 19, 2024

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Did you know that as with any injectable where the needle can cause microtrauma, botox bruising can happen?

Botox is called a cosmetic injectable neurotoxin treatment. The word “neurotoxin” can cause some concern.  

However, according to dermatologist Jordana Herschthal, “Botox contains a purified protein known as botulinum toxin, which is derived from a bacteria that causes botulism, which is toxic to your body.

Botox is an injectable FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox is a popular mainstay of anti-aging protocols that people undergo continually to maintain a youthful look.  

The injectable temporarily paralyzes the muscles that cause expressive lines in the face. Every 3-6 months, the Botox will be completely out of your system and need to be redone.  

Botox bruising is a common concern for people going into Botox treatments.

Here are 3 tips for preventing botox bruising after your treatment:  

Key Takeaways 

  • Botox is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment. 
  • Bruising can occur with Botox in some people. However, there are simple steps you can take to prevent this from occurring.  
  • If you do get a bruise after Botox, do not panic. We will recommend actionable steps for minimizing the appearance of a bruise.  

Tip #1 Take A Break From Alcohol 

Alcoholic beverages are pro-inflammatory which will increase the risk of bruising.

Alcohol also causes your blood vessels to expand, which can encourage more bleeding.

Remember, a bruise is just bleeding under the skin. Be sure to skip alcohol the day before and after your treatment.  

According to Dr. Herschthal,  “I can always tell when I’m injecting a patient.

I call it the booze ooze. It’s like this slow ooze after you inject, and I know that they’ve had a glass of wine or a martini the night before”.  

Tip #2 Avoid Blood-Thinning Supplements 

Certain supplements can thin the blood, which can encourage bleeding.

Medications can also thin the blood, however, you should not pause a medication without consulting your physician. 

Supplements are made from food extracts or herbs and people take them for a wide variety of reasons.

Some of the top supplements that cause blood thinning are turmeric, garlic, ginkgo biloba, ginger, willow bark, and vitamin E.

Take a break from these supplements for 2 weeks before your Botox treatment.  

Tip #3 Apply A Cold Compress  

As previously mentioned, dilated blood vessels cause more bleeding and bruising.

Blood vessels constrict in response to cold temperatures, and therefore cold compresses help prevent and minimize bruising. 


If you are worried about bruising from Botox, do not panic. There is much you can do to prevent a bruise and help speed up the healing of a bruise if it does occur.

Fear of bruising shouldn’t hold you back from trying our this wonderful and effective aesthetic treatment! Have more questions on Botox?

Contact our medical spa in Jacksonville FL for your Botox treatment. If you have a family member or loved one who you think could use this information, please share our article.  


Question 1: What should I do if I get a bruise after Botox?  

Answer: Apply cold compresses to the area often. It’s also recommended to try topical arnica cream, which can be bought over the counter. Inform your injector so you can discuss how to avoid bruising for future injections.   

Question 2: How long will a bruise last?  

Answer: Individual healing times vary, however, bruising tends to last a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  

Question 3:  Can I apply makeup to cover bruising after Botox? 

Answer: Absolutely. Wait at least 15 minutes after your treatment to apply makeup and only use clean makeup tools.  


Dr. Laurel

Laurel Ash, ND, MS is an Oregon and Washington board-certified Naturopathic Physician and medical director of a medical spa in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Ash graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2019 and proceeded to work in a primary care for 2 years with a focus on women’s health. Aesthetic medicine became a focus of her clinical practice as she realized beauty is a reflection of inner vitality and health. Dr. Ash’s clinical focuses include optimal aging, hormone replacement therapy, and aesthetic medicine for women.

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